Shahram Golzari

   DLRG Manager

Deep Learning Research Group (DLRG) was launched in June 2017 with the aim of developing deep-learning based solutions for real world problems. Currently, we are working on four research directions: Medical Image Ananlysis, Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR), Security in Control Systems, and Linguistics. We would like to collaborate with academic, commercial, or other organizations working on any deep-learning based research area including the four above.


Latest News

The paper entitled "Human Activity Recognition based on Joint Data from Kinect Sensor by using Convolutional Neural Networks" has been published in the 3rd national conference on Technology in Electrical and Computer Engineering

The paper "Improving the Accuracy of Classification Algorithms in Detecting False Data Injection Attacks to Power Grids by using Deep Learning Techniques" has been published in Third APA Conference (APA3)

Paper entitled "Recognizing Persian Handwritten Words Using Deep Convolutional Networks" has been published in AISP 2017